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Volumetric Lemur Kontrol

VOLUMETRIC KONTROL is a custom Lemur template I made for sound design purpose.

Inspired by Christian Vasselbring during his talk on Little Nightmares at MIGS - Montreal International Game Summit 2018


- Build in Lemur, a powerful customizable interface for mobile tablet

- Graphical interface with 8 adjustable circles and a moving cursor

- Each circle have it's own independent radius

- A global radius control

- Hold feature to lock or unlock the circles position

- Possibility to randomize and reset the position or the radius of the 8 circles

- Adjustable randomize amount

- Physic for the cursor which can have automatic trajectories with adjustable speed

- Jitter mode where the cursor jump to random position with adjustable range

- Send MIDI or OSC

The sounds used in this demo are our GHOST RETURN library at Articulated Sound:

Download link:

Hope you will find it useful!

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