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Vincent Fliniaux is a sound designer, a field recordist and a double bass player based in Montreal.

His practice questions the influence of acoustic phenomenons over our emotional and sensorial inclinations.


A Jazz musician, graduate in musicology and holder of a diploma in Musiques actuelles in France, he graduated with a bachelor in Digital Music, sound techniques and orchestration from Université de Montréal in 2016.

In Canada he discovered the practice of field recording which became one of the main sources of the sound substance in his composition and improvisation process.

Since 2019, he mainly work as a sound designer for international video game companies after having co-founded Bruits.Studio with Tibo Csuko, a versatile audio company based in Montreal (CA) and Biarritz (FR).

Through the art of sound and music, Vincent develops his sensibility via self-awareness and acute conscious of his environment whether it be places or encounters.

Fascinated by contrasts, paradoxes and the chaos created by the confrontation of those impossible mental representations, he tries to create on stage a solemn experience where his own recordings merge with black synthesis and acoustic instruments.


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