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MAGIC ELEMENTS Vol.2 is here!

Finally, I'm really proud of presenting you Magic Elements Volume 2!

1438 sounds, 6.6 Gb

I worked hard on that one and it was an awesome exploration of recordings and complex sound design. More info here:

Check that awesome testimonial from Angelo Palazzo (Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, FX Editor | Stranger Things 3, Frozen 2, Star Trek):

"With Magic Vol. 2, you guys truly live up to your name “Articulated Sounds.” This is a wonderful library full of detailed recordings and well thought-out sound designs.

It’s clear that the sounds were created by sound artists for sound artists. With Magic Vol.2, Stephane and Vincent have done their due diligence and have anticipated many of the types of scenarios and design moves that you will certainly encounter while building supernatural-type scenes.

My secret weapon in regards to this library, as well as Magic Vol. 1, is the fact that the source recordings of fire, earth, foliage, ice, and air are so good they can be used well beyond just the intended “Magic” scenes and can sweeten and add character to many other types of scenes.

Great addition to any sound designers toolkit!"

I hope you'll have as much fun using these sounds as I had creating them.

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