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A chinese word, Máodùn (literally “Lance Shield”) means “Contradiction”, “Paradox”.

It comes from the philosopher “Han Fei Zi” who told the story of a renowned weapon seller, showing to the king two of his products: a lance capable of piercing any defense and a shield resisting to any weapon.

Fascinated by paradoxes, I decided to make it the purpose of my piece. What happens when the lance able to pierce any defense strikes the shield resisting to any weapon?

Máodùn tries to explain the unexplainable and collides with the frightful chaos engendered by the confrontation of two opposed truths.

Through this duality, one finally meets the essence of dialectics: Position, Opposition, Composition.

It seemed obvious to work with the “Paradoxal Sounds” of Jean-Claude Risset, a little bit revisited.

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